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Technical Questions:

What kind of hardware/software do you use for your web hosting and virtual servers?
Dual PIII450 Chips (894.88 MHz Clock Speed)
512MB PC100 RAM
Linux Slackware O/S
What leased lines do you have?
We have T-1 leased lines. Many people email us with "but... have OC3, are they not 90 times faster?", yes they are. Here is the catch, it is all relevant, larger hosting companies may have upto 1,000 dedicated servers on site, this heavy usage requires larger lines. Think about it this way, our T-1s are only 33% saturated, therefore you'll never find a bottle neck and it will be just as fast if not faster.
What kind of connection do your servers have to the Internet?
Redundant T-1 connections
Main Line via UUnet (the worlds fastest network)
1 Redundant line through Sprint
How often do you back up your servers?
Once a day . Double backup of data provided:
1) Daily backups onto separate hard drives
2) Weekly DAT DDS3 archive
Are the servers monitored 24/7?
All of our servers are monitored 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
Who is responsible for maintaining the server?
Our Technicians are immediately notified via pager if any server should go down for any reason
Will you will maintain and monitor the hardware?
Yes, you don't have to worry about the hardware, you just have to concentrate on the content and interactivity of your web site. You are responsible for maintaining the your data on your server and the software installed on it.
If you run into any difficulty email
What kind of uptime do you have?
Do you offer NT servers or hosting?
We can provide NT hosting although we strongly recommend Unix,
please contact us should you require NT hosting -
Can I get my own name-servers?
Yes, please contact us regarding having one set-up.

What email Facilities do you provide?
With our standard hosting package, you receive 10 Pop email accounts (10 email boxes), all with unique usernames and passwords.
You also receive a CatchAll email facility.
What is CatchAll email?
CatchAll means This is a Pop email account where anyname used before can be collected in one mail box. ie, an so forth into infinity.
Do you provide email forwarding?
Yes Individual Pop's and Catchall can be forwarded to any email address.

Do you provide direct Dialup Services?
No, at our server centre facility, we only provide web hosting and email services.
Hosting and dialup are separate entities, and should be treated so. Most people nowadays have their own internet access with a local ISP. We recommend various local dialup service providers and will arrange to setup a local account on your behalf at no extra charge if required.
Why do you not provide direct Dialup?
Direct Local Dialup is provided by many ISP's for a small charge, and in some cases for free.
Most Dialup ISP's have a higher ratio of people logging who ONLY surf the web and send/receive email, than customers who have web sites.
Our server centre is entirely dedicated to web site delivery, and processing email for those particular web sites. This means our bandwidth is not compromised by excessive surfer/browser traffic and email only traffic. This is how we can provide lightening fast web site downloads, with no bandwidth bottlenecks.

Can I check domain name availability?
Yes, just click on Domain Name above!
Will I be able to access my domain name with or without the 'www' ?
Yes! Both options are available

Do you provide web design and custom programming?
Yes we provide a custom web design service, and our programmers
and create Perl and C interactive programmes. We also have access to
a volume of readily available scripts which we can configure to suit your
Prices on request.
Do you provide graphic design?
Yes, our graphic design facilities are second to none, we can create Internet branding, banner ads, logos and all the graphic elements for your site if required, we also replicate your existing material and optimise it for web delivery.
Do you support Perl or other scripting languages?
The Virtual Servers come with the latest release of Perl pre-installed.
The Servers also come with TCL/Tk, csh, sh, and other popular UNIX
scripting languages. We have a selection
I keep getting an error when trying to run a cgi script, can you help?
Yes, we can give you a limited amount of technical support FOC each month, the amount depends on the nature of account you hold.
But we are always available to help you and answer your problems, should you have any? and will answer all your questions from our email help line
Do you provide dynamic web sites?
Yes, we can provide you with a dynamic database driven web site, from flatfile & relational, ASP, PHP, MySQL ect; all fully integrated with your existing database software.
What is MySQL?
MySQL, is an advanced database engine created to allow fast support
and access of stored data without requiring large amounts of memory.
This database engine provides a powerful capability for accessing databases
within the Virtual Server environment.
Please email should you have further questions.


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