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renview_button.gif (1461 bytes) Training: Protect your investment with a site management training course.
blank.gif (58 bytes) A successful web site requires constant updates.

After we have designed and installed your web site, we strongly recommend you nominate an internal webmaster to look after your Internet resources. This individual should be responsible for web site updates, liasing with sales and marketing team, online promotion, and informing all staff members are familiar with the content on your site.
This ensures the Internet is utilised to to it's full potential. When new interactive facilities and advanced elements are required we are always available for implementation and installation.

To this end we suggest your webmaster learns the following skills.
HTML Authoring, Image scanning and manipulation, FTP (file transfer protocol)

We provide the following 3 day intensive course in web site management:

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Day 1
HTML Authoring:
Introduction and understanding HTML coding.
Introduction to a WYSIWYG Authoring tool.
Understanding web site navigation.
Creating hyperlinks.
Editing and adding new pages
Tools: (MS FrontPage, Adobe GoLive; Allaire Homesite.)
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Day 2
Graphic Design:
Scanning and optimising Images for the www.
Creating simple graphics and bitmaps.
Understanding colour resolutions and pixel ratios.
Understanding image file formats for the www.
Inserting and linking images on a web page.
Tools: (Adobe PhotoShop, PaintShopPro.)
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Day 3
FTP and Site Promotion:
Understanding the protocols and Operating Systems on the www. DOS, Unix, etc;
Transferring from the client to the web server.
Inserting and understanding meta tags in HTML code.
Submitting your website to the search engines and increasing ranking.
Providing and managing reciprocal links.
Tools: (Cute FTP, WS-FTP, Submit-It-Wolf Pro)
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REQUIREMENTS: Applicants should have a reasonable level of;
An understanding of Windows and or the Apple Macintosh Interface.
The ability to use a word processor.
Be familiar with a mouse and keyboard (speed typing not essential).
Software can be supplied, but most is available for download from the Internet.
Recommended duration is 3 days. 10am to 4pm
Courses are tutored 1:1 at your premises, on your equipment with your software.
1 Mileage charge applicable outside Dublin.
150 surcharge +150 miles from Dublin.
Includes 6 weeks FREE telephone support and backup service.
We provide instruction on IBM compatible PS's, Windows 9x., NT and Macintosh PS's.
This ensures you have total control over your website's content.
Vat is not applicable to training, but software is subject to an additional 20%.

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